How Do You Install WordPress Using HostGator CPanel

by ChristineEku203062 posted Nov 09, 2019


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You'll need to upload wordpress via ftp.

this_is_just_too_weird_for_words-53.jpgHow do you install Wordpress using cpanel?
Every web hosting company provides you access to cPanel after purchasing web space . To install wordpress and other CMS(content management system) in cPanel based blogs, Nulled Wordpress Themes there is an easy option if you have Fantastico addon installed. What you need is to select Wordpress from Fantastico menu in cPanel and Free Themes install . Then follow simple wizard driven procedure to complete installation. There's a good video of the process here website Read More

share: Nulled Wordpress Themes Best pay wordpress hosting in UK?
I'm in the UK as well, my personal recommendation is hostgator Free Themes for woocommce themes hosting, Wordpress Themes download there a US company but I have been using them for wordpress themes several years. website Read More

share: wordpress Themes download How can you install wordPress without having webhosting?
You can't install manual templates on blogs, but you could certainly use a free host and wordpress themes download install custom WordPress to manually put woocommce themes. Theme installation is easy, Wordpress Themes Download you just need to upload the zip file (Using Themes " WordPress Codex.) Read More

share: How do you install WordPress in a cPanel Environment?
If your hosting provider supplies the cPanel hosting control panel, you may follow these simple instructions to create your WordPress username and database. A more complete set of instructions for using cPanel to create the database and user can be found in Using cPanel. Log in to your cPanel. Click MySQL Database Wizard icon under the Databases section. In Step 1. Create a Database enter the database name and click Next Step. In Step 2... Read More

share: How do you host a website using HostGator?
Google their website and follow the instructions on their site. HostGator is relatively easy to use and navigate. Read More

share: What is cpanel hosting?
cPanel is a web based hosting control panel that helps website owners to manage their websites from a web based interface. cPanel has a graphical interface with lots of tools that helps in simplifying, running and controlling a website. It uses a tiered structure that allows different levels of access. Administrators and end users can control the different aspects of the server and the website directly through their browser. CPanel is generally accessed using https... Read More

share: What are some of the benefits of using the cPanel web hosting applications?
cPanel is an easy to use interface which can be backed up locally and remotely. It is one of the biggest names in web hosting applications and as such has a great reputation, giving clients peace of mind that they are using competent software. Read More

share: How can i check what wordpress theme a website is using?
Simply go to and paste the url of the website, the tool will show all the details of the WordPress theme the website using. Read More

share: How can you get your website on a search engine?
Submit your site using Google Webmaster tools. Also install blogging software to your site such as WordPress and write fresh relevant content to it daily. Read More

share: Can you publish copyright material on wordpress?
Your original works, on your Wordpress blog, are automatically protected by copyright. Using others' copyright-protected works on your Wordpress blog requires an exemption in the law or permission from the copyright holder. Read More

share: If you decide to host a blog by yourself using wordpress it's still free right?
Wordpress itself is free but you would pay for the hosting service. You can set up a Wordpress blog hosted at their website for free. (See links below) Read More

share: What is a wordpress blog?
Wordpress is a CMS that you can make your own blog for Free Wordpress Themes. Thus, a Wordpress blog is a blog made using this tool. Note that you can use it from and You can know the difference from There are tutorials on the website. Read More

share: Is there any service available which provides social lo-gin implementation in a budget Trying to set up log in using Facebook Google and twitter but its very complicated to do it manually?
Which CMS are you using? there are several plugins and addons available for CMS like WordPress, Drupal Joomla and magento. If you are using wordpress as majority of web you can try any of the plugin below. Read More

share: How do you get rid of the archive categories label on your pages using wordpress themes download (
You can remove it from the widget. Read More

share: How do you get pictures on your blog?
That will depend on the blogging platform. If your using Wordpress, which is my favorite, you can upload a picture right from your computer of use a photo from anywhere on the web as long as you have permission to use it. Are you using wordpress, blogger, or some other platform? Read More

share: Does it cost money to make a wordpress?
When you use the site it's free but if you want to publish a blog with your own domain using the wordpress platform you will need to pay for a hosting service as well as pay for the domain. The wordpress templates themselves are free. Read More

share: What is best WordPress hosting site?
Almost all good web hosting provider offers 1-click wordpress installation and later you need to configure your wordpress website's design using freely available Themes there. You can add functionality of your wordpress site using freely available plugins like yoast seo plugins, woocommerce plugins etc. There are some paid Themes and Plugins too you may find useful, buy same and use in your wordpress based website. For affordable domain name registration, reliable web hosting for wordpress... Read More

share: Can you host an affiliate marketing blog using wordpress?
Yes, you can use the wordpress blogging to tool to host that if you are hosting the blog. You cannot however use to host the blog for free. Read More

share: How to upload to wordpress base directory?
You can upload the file using FTP software such FileZilla Read More

share: How does a Wordpress website compare to a HTML website for a business looking to start a website for the first time?
You won't be able to tell the difference. A bunch of sites that you probably dont even realize are using Wordpress. I'd definitely recommend Wordpress if it's your first site. It's MUCH easier to learn. Read More

share: How do you post things to your wordpress blog?
Click on the "New post" button using the dashboard in wp-admin. Read More

share: Can you remove the logo which is shown at the bottom of your page of the website powered by WordPress?
If it's hosted by WordPress, probably not. If it's hosted elsewhere, you can edit footer.php to display anything you'd like. In either case, common courtesy suggests that you at least mention WordPress and the name of the theme you're using, even if you prefer not to link to their websites. Read More

share: How do you create a basic WordPress theme?
Coming up with a theme is a basic thing in case of web design, if you are using WordPress. Here is a tutorial that would guide you on the basics of creating a WordPress Theme. To begin constructing your theme, first step would be to create a sub-folder in the wp-content/themes registry inside your WordPress folder. With the end goal of this instructional exercise, we will refer the folder as "tutorial_theme". The folder name should... Read More

share: What are the advantages of using Wordpress?
Wordpress is the best platform for creating your blog. Its Free Wordpress Themes and gets crawled faster by search engines and also a good chance lies of ranking in top pages if you properly optimized it. Answer Advantages of using Wordpress: a) It is free. b) It is easy to manage c) It is good from Search Engine Optimization point of view. d) It is easy to customize Read More

share: Is there a wordpress theme similar to peak by wpbandit Example website conchman dot com?
I think the site is using a custom theme, it's very similar to Alchem Wordpress theme, it is a simple multipurpose theme for any kind of business. Read More

share: How do you make a website using wordpress?
Go to and pick a domain name and sign up for hosting. Once you complete that, there is a "one click" feature that will install a Wordpress blog directly into your new domain name right away. Wordpress is so popular that added this feature to make it easier for you. I know it can be confusing, so the best thing to do is pick your domain name first and see if its available... Read More

share: How do you change the background color on WordPress for my blog?
That has to do with the theme you are using for your word press blog. Change the theme change the color. Read More

share: How do you edit main theme in Wordpress?
WordPress features a built-in editor for editing files from within your browser whilst online: The Theme Editor. You can also edit files copied or stored on your computer, and then upload them to your site using an FTP client. Before editing any of your WordPress files, you're supposed to make a backup. The easiest way to edit your CSS file is to visit Appearance → Editor from your WordPress dashboard. Good luck! Read More

share: What are some of the best features of Wordpress?
Wordpress is a great place for people to share and read blogs, and has become very popular for its great features. These features include allowing anyone from Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress to comment, quicker photo loading, get notifications together from all of ones blogs, even on a mobile device, and promote anything published using social media sites. Read More

share: What is the best online resume builder site?
Everyone is used to the stuff he/she is using himself. For me it is uCoz and Wordpress. If I need a blog - I use Wordpress. If I need a website - I use uCoz modules. The understandable interface of the service is also very important. Good luck! Read More

share: How much RAM must you have to install Ubuntu?
To install Ubuntu using the LiveCD, you must have at least 512 MB of RAM. To install Ubuntu using the alternate install CD, you need a minimum of 64 MB. Read More

share: How can WordPress make me money?
One of the most simple ways to make money online using WordPress is to offer consulting services. It can be done easily only if you are good at WordPress - be it creating custom designs for clients, or teaching WordPress tutorials to beginners or advanced users. Make sure you have a great portfolio if you are thinking of making a passive income stream by using this method. One of the easiest ways to build a... Read More

share: What is a website where you can make headers for your blog?
If you make your blog using Wordpress then thay have many templates where you can customize the header and include your own images. Read More

share: How can users can register in a wordpress blog?
You can use 2 wordpress Plugins to achieve that : - Register Plus Plugin Will replace the classic simple wordpress Register page and you get the ability to add Re-captcha to stop Spam and Fake Users. - Sidebar Login Widget that You can add to the Sidebar by using Widgets Tab. That's all what you will need. Read More

share: What is a sentence using the word install?
My cousin helped me install my new TV. Read More

share: How do you install CS5 using magicdisc?
You dont - You will need the install original disks Read More

share: Where can you get wordpress themes for free distribution to your clients with all distribution rights or if any one provides wordpress themes to a startup companyi would like to know details?
Please search word press themes Using you favorite internet search engine. There are many themes to choose from. Read More

share: How do you built a web sites?
The easiest way to build a web site is to use wordpress cms, download from and upload at your web hosting space. After uploading, you need to install wordpress to build your web site and customize your site using suitable Themes available there to make same professional looking website. You can add various functionality to your site using plugins like yoast seo plugins for seo related functions, woocommerce to make your site ecommerce store... Read More

share: How do you install a game using rar?
You cannot install a game using a .rar file or any type of extraction program. However, you might have a .iso file, which is an disk image archive. You can mount this using a .iso mounter, such as Magic Iso. Then it will act as if you have the actual install disk in your computer and you can open it an install it. Read More

share: Can I still post blog posts using the android app if I move my blog from a standard WordPress to one installed on a Web host?
This will probably depend on the web host you are using, and the types of things they support. Read More

share: How do you find Facebook group widget code?
It depends with the platform you are using. You will find the Facebook group widget code under the customize section in Wordpress. Read More

share: How do I put an article on the internet?
You can put an article on the internet using blogger ( or wordpress ( Be sure that it is your own work, or you could get in big trouble! Read More

share: What are some websites that allow you to build your own website?
It depends on what type of website you want. As a journeyman it's best to pick an easy-to-learn system. Then Wordpress is recommended. They have an option to create free sites using their proven platform. If wanting a blog you could also use Wordpress or Blogger. Read More

share: How do you go about registering a website?
The best way to register a website for use is through a web hosting service such as GoDaddy, Hostgator, or Hostmonster. You can also register a website using websites such as Register and Network Solutions. Read More

share: How do you create a new site?
You can create a website using an HTML editor software. These are available online for free. The one I use is KompoZer. You can also create a website using WordPress for free at Read More

share: How do you install windows XP on a computer using linux?
The easiest way is to install Windows first, then install your distribution of Linux second. Read More

share: How do you find a Blogger's profile?
Try search their name on google plus add on your keyword the name of the blogging platform they are using..Say "MR Awesome wordpress" Read More

share: How do you download the entire contents of a blog?
As per my knowledge if you are using wordpress or blogger and having admin rights then you can go for export option where you can download all your content. Read More

Arch2O-The-Fuzhou-Strait-Culture-and-Art share: How do you install mud flaps?
by using bolts. Read More

share: How do you add banner on wordpress?
To add a banner there are a couple of different ways for different places! You can place one in the header, in the body, in the footer or as a sidebar! In the body is the easiest and fastest way and simple past your banner code in the "html" part of your wordpress admin area. If you are using a image simply upload your image and add a link to it! Read More

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